What You Can Look Forward To From The Stylish Poor Girl…

Before I create my first fashion-focused blog post, I wanted to quickly give everyone a heads up on what to expect out of ”The Stylish Poor Girl”. Basically, I created this blog to share some insight with you, and hopefully in return get YOUR input on a variety of fashion and beauty topics. I have learned how to stretch my money when it comes to stocking my closet; have developed many tricks for creating head-to-toe designer looks for under $100; use coupons (for both the manufacturer AND the store), online or mobile coupon codes, sale ads, clearance deals and more to get the best deals on my purchases; am often putting together celebrity copycat outfits (and will show you how to do the same); and I incorporate a LOT of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects into my style as well… you  wouldn’t believe how many looks you can create with an old t-shirt (making both clothing items AND great accessories).

Some other subjects or pages I will include in my new blog will be the following:
   *HAIR AND BEAUTY- treatments to make at home, best (& worst!) drugstore beauty products, hair and makeup styling tricks- along with step-by-step photo tutorials or how-to videos, five minute makeovers, new beauty product reviews and product GIVEAWAYS for my readers!
   *SEASONAL TRENDS- how to get the new designer looks for less; shopping for style trends at stores like Target, Walmart, Kohls or H&M; spring shopping list must-haves; pieces that actually ARE worth a small investment.
   *MATERNITY WEAR- how to find maternity clothes that you actually WANT to wear; how to save money on these purchases; maternity separates that you can easily make yourself; non-maternity items that function as pieces that will fit your pregnant belly; where to take your maternity clothes to make some extra money once the baby comes.
   *THRIFT STORE SHOPPING- how to successfully shop at secondhand stores; what you will want to bring with you on your Goodwill trips; some specific pieces you should ALWAYS be on the lookout for while shopping at thrift stores.
   *FLATTERING FASHION FINDS- universally flattering pieces (great for anyone and everyone!); plus individual body types, how to figure out which type YOUR body is, and garments that work best for each different type; how to flatter your figure with even the smallest of changes (garment’s shape or length, the right sized belt in the right place, etc).
   *READER’S CORNER- This section is all for you guys. There will be contests and giveaways, spots for you to send your questions or comments, and an awesome new concept I came up with: Send in a photo of yourself wearing your best fashion find, and tell me about it. I’ll feature one reader every week and post the reader photo above my comments on what I love about their style- plus, every fashionista will get a prize pack in the mail when featured on my blog. Yay for surprises in the mail!
   *BUDGET FINDS- outfits for those with a shopping budget in three different brackets: under $100, under $75 and under $50. Every week I will also feature some fashion staples that are on sale during the current week, plus any coupons or coupon codes to use on top of the sale price.
   *STYLE CALENDAR- There will always be a calendar for you to view, which will essentially be a look-book of outfit inspiration, using a number of fashionable pieces that are repeated with different outfits. This is a great tool to gather ideas on how to piece some of your OWN garments together as one look. There will also be a monthly ”Fashion Horoscope” for each sign, just for fun.
   *Plus so many more types of subjects and blog posts. Browsing my new site will hopefully be like getting your favorite fashion magazine in the mail. I want it to generate that kind of excitement, but be even better- because it will contain ways on how the less-privileged group of us can actually WEAR the trends that we drool over every month. It shows you how to dress like a fashionista while easily staying within your budget.

I began writing this post today with the plan to cover a majority of the topics that will make an appearance in my blog once it is fully functioning… I think I did alright. But even as long as this simple post wound up to be, it doesn’t even cover HALF of the topics that I would like to eventually feature. I know that I have an EXTREMELY long way to go before I get to that point, and may get the disapproval of ”veteran” bloggers, but I truly believe in what I am writing about. I believe that everyone has the right to look and feel beautiful– not just celebrities and those with ever-expanding bank accounts. I believe in fashion, plain and simple… and as long as there is someone out there reading my blog, I have a purpose to continue writing it.
Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, suggestions, or even just to say ”hello” and tell me what you thought! Thank you!
Have a fashionably fantastic day!
             Stylish Girl


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